Join us on the cutting-edge of veterinary medicine!

April 3-5, 2020 • College Station, Texas


Join Us for this One-of-a-Kind Event

Veterinarians today are playing a more significant role and having a more substantial impact on the world than ever before. They are developing new therapies to treat cancer, containing the spread of disease, supporting disabled people through animal assistance programs, promoting the human-animal bond, combating climate change and addressing food security. Veterinarians are quite literally transforming the lives of people and our society each and every day.

This April, we will focus on how to transform emerging technologies from ideas into actions with presentation sessions on Deep Learning, Informatics, Disruption, Personalized Medicine, Behavioral Economics, and more!

Each presentation will feature TED-Style talks designed to expand the perspectives and minds of attendees. After gaining this foundational knowledge, participants will divide themselves into working groups to develop solutions for four Grand Challenges facing veterinary healthcare: Healthcare Team, Big Data, Research, and Training.

There will also be ten different interactive breakout sessions to build on the main presentations and Grand Challenges group work, with each breakout offered twice in the program. As attendees, you will be able to mix and match sessions so you can create the most valuable experience for yourself and your team.


What to Expect

  • Investigate the trends and technologies that impact the profession during panel discussions and breakout sessions.
  • Learn about the global impact of veterinarians and explore organizational growth during an innovation showcase.
  • Connect with others during structured partnering sessions that encourage joint discovery.


What Attendees Enjoy About the Veterinary Innovation Summit

"The VIS really challenged my way of thinking. It has allowed me to use my DVM skills and my critical thinking skills in order to problem solve more efficiently."
"The enthusiasm, breadth of expertise and background of speakers, opportunities to network and meet future collaborators"
"The positive energy. It's that type of collective energy that generates positive change."
"The fact that everyone was excited to be there and was excited to learn why I was there. As opposed to a "normal" conference where everyone is there to check off their CE credits."
"Meeting and networking with people from many different industries and countries, as well being exposed to all of the innovative ideas in the pipeline."

Why Attend?

We are entering an incredibly exciting time for our profession. The acceleration of technologies presents veterinarians with the opportunity to deliver more personalized, accessible and ultimately impactful care to all species and stakeholders. However, the traditional approaches to education, research, and service are proving no longer sufficient. Our care model is outdated, student debt is overburdening, career diversity is limited and veterinary fulfillment and career satisfaction remains too low.

A new model of learning is required; one which harnesses the disruptors working at the fringes of our profession, focuses on their potential impact, works in collaboration with the industry and provides training for both current students and the existing generation of practitioners in these emerging fields. Achieving this requires a new platform to engage our existing profession and invite new collaborators.

The Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences joined forces with the NAVC to introduce this new model to you: the Veterinary Innovation Summit. You won’t want to miss it!

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