The Program


The Veterinary Innovation Summit is a collision of different ideas, technologies, organizations, and people we are all committed to advancing the future of the veterinary profession. The North American Veterinary Community and Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine have collaborated to create a unique and immersive program that will challenge the status quo while developing a mindset and skillset to thrive in this world of change.


Veterinary Professionals Changing the World


  • Patient Health: Translational Medicine, Understanding Human and Animal Behaviour, and Performance Athletes (animal and human),
  • Society: Animal health in marginalized communities, Diversity in the Profession featuring prominent female leaders speaking about their experiences in building organizations, and The relationship between vet and pet services.
  • Global: Disaster Relief - Profiling the work of TAMU in support the areas impacted by the hurricanes, Defense/Security, and One Health/Zoonotic Disease”


Each theme will feature 3-4 keynote speakers who will deliver TED-Style talks designed to expand the perspectives and minds of participants. After gaining this foundational knowledge, participants will move into smaller breakout sessions that have been designed to provide participants with the knowledge and expertise to turn these ideas into action.


Preliminary Program*

*Subject to change


Friday Bootcamp and Reception

  • Arrive and Register
  • Opening Remarks
    • Telemedicine Foundations
    • Changing client needs
    • New Approaches to Client Communications
    • Bridging Online and Offline Worlds
    • Use Cases and Lessons Learned
  • Startup Pitches (10 mins per company, approximately 5 companies)
  • Matchmaking / Breakout sessions led by individual companies
    • Focus on networking and business development
    • Roundtable discussions of 20mins each (6 total)
  • Next Steps and maximizing the relationship with the company
    • Action Plans
    • Preliminary Commitments
  • Registration and Cocktail Hour
  • Opening Remarks
  • International Veterinary Work
  • Dinner



  • Opening Remarks
  • Theme 1 - Patients Like Us
    • Translational Medicine
    • Performance Athletes
    • Behavior
  • Networking Activity
  • Theme 2 - The Human-Animal Bond
    • Human-Animal Bond in the 21st Century
    • E-Commerce Panel
    • Marginalized Communities & Building Veterinary Capacity & Adoption Attitudes
    • Global One Health
  • Facilitated Breakouts by Topic
    • Blockchain
    • AI & Big Data
    • Personalized Medicine
    • Hospital Design
    • Consolidation of Practices
    • Telemedicine + New Service Models
  • Leadership Panel
  • Unconference - Additional Networking
  • Reception & Innovation Competition



  • Closing Keynote
  • CEO Panel
  • Theme 3 - Veterinarians Serving Society
    • Emergency Response / Veterinary Emergency Team
    • Food Security/Safety
    • Working Dogs
    • Training the Next Generation of Graduates - Panel
  • Closing Remarks

Brought to you by Texas A&M University and the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC)

April 6-8 • College Station, Texas